We are Team TechnoBorg students of MIT WPU, Pune.


Kaushiv Agarwal


Everything about Drones, Website Developer, Freelancer and Photographer. I love to combine technology with my business knowledge and marketing skills for the betterment of the community.

Rutvik Bhalerao

Research and development Head

Hi,I am highly motivated researcher and love to explore new technologies in various fields. Currently exploring various domains of Machine Learning and DevOps . I am good at flutter app development and firebase also a quick learner and passionate programmer

Ambika Patidar

Hackathon Head and SEO / SEM lead

I love mathematics and learning new technologies. I’m a frontend and backend web developer, also a UI/UX designer. Good at machine learning, programming and learning a lot of new things.

Tanishq Varshney

Website Development Manager

I love to play with numbers, physics, compiler. Good at Frontend and Backend, Machine Learning, PHP, MySQL, Flutter. Learning new things and lot more. Contact us for any kind of help

Adwait Kalsekar

Team Manager & Mobile Development Lead

I am a Web and App developer.
I’m currently learning various aspects of video game development and looking forward to make a career in it.

Rishab Koul

Project Development Manager

I know MERN Stack Web Development, React Native, Data Science and WordPress and have made various projects on them.  

Saurav Suresh

Website and Designing Head

I’m good at UI/UX design, building websites, graphic design and building web apps and i’m always trying to learn more things.

Archit Jain

Programming and testing lead

A passionate programmer, good at learning anything quickly, a person you can rely on, also a competitive programmer.